Announcing our first non-profit CC shareholders

30th May 2024, UK:

Bristol-based soft drinks company, Counter Culture Drinks has today announced its first two not-for-profit shareholders as part of an innovative operating model that will see 51% of the business and 5% of total sales allocated to supporting social and environmental causes.

Driven by a goal to raise at least £1 million for non-profit organisations through their business endeavours, the founders of the B Corp pending kombucha company have created what they call ‘commercially compassionate’ (CC) shares to be allocated to charities and civil society organisations that share its values and vision.

Inspired by the way pioneering companies such as Patagonia, or movements like B Corp have changed the conversation around what it means to be a purpose driven business, Counter Culture Drinks created its CC shares to find an approach that goes beyond traditional corporate and non-profit partnerships, making the organisations it works with an integral part of the business structure and story. With supermarket sales of kombucha growing by 31% in value and 28% in volume during 2023 alone, the booming alcohol-free drinks market could see significant returns for CC shareholders over the coming years. 

Tom Smart, CEO and co-founder of Counter Culture, said: “At Counter Culture Drinks we believe in doing things differently, from the design of our products to the structure of our business and our ultimate aim to empower civil society organisations to create positive change. Rather than donating a set amount of money to charities or having one charity partnership, we wanted to make sure that, from the very start, the success of the business would directly benefit our CC shareholders as well as traditional shareholders. 

As a young company breaking the mould in the soft drinks space, we are passionate about starting conversations with liked minded people about how businesses and civil society can work together to create greater positive impact and we’d love to work with other brands, retailers and customer who share this passion as we continue to grow.” 

The first two organisations to benefit from this shareholder model are UK based, Alcohol Change UK and BillyChip. 

Alcohol Change UK is a leading UK alcohol charity who work towards a society that is free from the harm caused by alcohol. With recent research from the charity, who run Dry January®, showing that more than one in four people want to reduce the amount of alcohol they drink in 2024, Counter Culture Drinks is keen to support their work to help people transform their relationship with alcohol, whilst enjoying life to the full.’ 

Danielle Houliston, Executive Director of Income and Engagement of Alcohol Change UK, said: “We were honoured to be invited by the Counter Culture team to be a charity share partner and feel that this partnership perfectly reflects our values as an organisation. Counter Culture’s kombuchas are a perfect alcohol-free alternative, helping to support people to change the way they drink in the long term. We think the concept is an ambitious, innovative, and an inspiring way to support charities.” 

BillyChip is a Bristol based not-for-profit organisation, which works to bridge the gap between the homeless and the public, through its safe and secure street currency, which gives individuals who are experiencing homelessness or extreme poverty a choice of free food, drink and other safe provision. 

Jon Hope, CEO of BillyChip, said: "When we first spoke with Tom at Counter Culture about their business structure and share offer, we got excited immediately, as BillyChip is set up in a similar way. Kombucha is new to the market and different, a lot like BillyChip. We also saw a huge synergy between our outlets as potential sellers of Counter Culture drinks and wanted to help.We have had incredible support from Bristol and its local businesses, collaborations and working together to achieve a common goal for a better society is in all our interests and the team at Counter Culture share that passion." 

In addition to their CC shareholder model, the team at Counter Culture are always looking for new ways to support the organisations they work with, and they have just collaborated with BillyChip on a new drink in their sparkling light non-alcoholic kombucha range. Named "Chip In" and with 5% of all sales going directly to BillyChip, the new flavour will be released in Summer 2024. They are also offering a significant discount on products to UK registered charities, with 51% reduced rates on Counter Culture kombucha for events and fundraising.


About Counter Culture Drinks

Counter Culture Drinks is a Bristol-based fermented drinks company. We create adult softs for youthful minds because we believe dry doesn't have to mean boring. Brewed at our carbon neutral fermentary in Bristol, we wrap our sparkling light kombucha in bold artworks by local artists that explore societal trends and provoke debate.

Our purpose is supported by our three Cs: Charity, Culture & Climate. We believe in them and our whole business is built around them. We've unconventionally donated 51% of our shares to non-profit organisations and it’s our ambition to raise £1m+ to help support these social and environmental initiatives. 

To find out more about us, visit


About Alcohol Change UK

Alcohol Change UK is on a mission to create a society that is free from the harm caused by alcohol.

We are not anti-alcohol; we are for alcohol change. We are for a future in which people drink as a conscious choice, not a default; where the issues which lead to alcohol problems – like poverty, mental health issues, homelessness – are addressed; where those of us who drink too much, and our loved ones, have access to high-quality support whenever we need it, without shame or stigma. 

Driven by a belief that every person deserves to live a full life free from alcohol harm, Alcohol Change UK creates evidence-driven change by working towards five key changes: improved knowledge, better policies and regulation, shifted cultural norms, improved drinking behaviours, and more and better support and treatment. 

About BillyChip

BillyChip are a nonprofit social enterprise and charitable foundation who operate a safe and secure street currency. In partnership with high street retailers like convenience stores, coffee shops and takeaways our redeemable currency supports rough sleepers and homeless charities. Giving those facing a life on the streets access to a choice of free food, drink and other safe provisions, BillyChip encourages more people to directly support and connect with people in their communities facing extreme poverty. Our profits are then distributed to homeless charities who provide long term accommodation and pathways to reshaping people lives."


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