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  • Is kombucha halal?

    When it comes to kombucha, the fizzy, fermented tea that's been on everyone's lips (literally), there's a question that bubbles up for many: Is kombucha halal? This question isn't just a matter of curiosity; it's crucial for those following a...

  • What does kombucha taste like?

    Kombucha is popping up in more and more places across the UK. But what does kombucha taste like? This article will delve into the unique flavour profile of this fermented tea, exploring its taste, texture, and the factors that influence its...

  • Is kombucha alcoholic?

    In this article we'll explore how much alcohol is in kombucha, how the alcohol content varies depending on the type of kombucha fermentation, and how quite a lot of producers in the US discovered the alcohol produced was a little...

  • Graphic of 100 Cs for Counter Culture 51 percent non-profit initiatives

    CC shares - how and why we donated 51% of Counter Culture to social initiatives

    Very early in the formation of Counter Culture, we knew we wanted a strong social component to the business, not just because it was the right thing to do, but because it would motivate us more to work each day...

  • Counter Culture Drinks - AI of the Storm // Mango + Ginger + Lime can in front of label

    New release: AI of the Storm // Mango + Ginger + Lime Sparkling Light Kombucha

    Room for another Storm in your summer?
  • Photo of sugar on spoons

    When can a drink be labelled as low sugar?

    Our Sparkling Light Kombucha does not meet the criteria for low sugar. However quite a few UK kombucha brands seem unaware of the sugar levels needed to make this claim.