Why We Exist

First and foremost we are a business. We believe our drinks are truly audacious and can make a real impact on peoples' lives by countering traditional drinking culture. But honestly, that alone would not be enough to motivate us.

Our purpose is supported by our three Cs: Charity, Culture & Climate. We believe in them and our whole business is built around them.

  • Our Purpose - Counter Culture


    We have allocated 51% of our shares and 5% of our sales for social initiatives, committing ourselves as commercially compassionate, and we want other businesses to follow suit.

  • Our Purpose - Counter Culture


    We support local artists, movements and anything we think makes a positive change to society. Let's keep it curious and keep it moving forward.

  • Our Purpose - Counter Culture


    We are a carbon-neutral business always pushing and exploring new ways to have as little impact on the environment as possible. Why? Because, in our opinion, it's the bare minimum every business should be doing. It's the only planet we have, and to use an old adage: "It's not ours, it's borrowed from our children."