Counter Culture Drinks open Bristol alcohol-alternative drinks brewery

  • Sparkling light kombucha brewed at Bedminster fermentary created for sober curious and mindful drinkers
  • Certified carbon-neutral business also recently granted B-Corp pending status

  • Bristol, January 19th 2023 - Counter Culture, a recently launched Bristol based drinks company, have set out to challenge conventional drinking culture with their range of non-alcoholic sparkling light kombucha. The business was inspired by the founders feeling refreshed by long periods away from drinking during the pandemic.

    “With so many fantastic alcoholic drinks available in pubs, bars and taprooms across Bristol, we weren’t finding it easy to take a day off drinking, even when we knew we didn’t really need to drink” explains co-founder Tom Smart. “It’s well documented how even a small amount of alcohol consumption can have large negative effects on sleep quality. Low-and-no alcohol drinks are becoming increasingly common as it becomes more socially acceptable to choose something other than booze. We fancied having a go at injecting Bristol’s culture into that area.”

    Counter Culture are looking to take inspiration from the established brewing scene in Bristol in creating their kombucha, a drink made by fermenting tea, sugar and water. For their artwork they have been working with Bristol-based illustrator Zubieta, exploring themes that include the misuse of technology and the destruction of nature. Co-founder Harry McDowell explains: “Experiencing a can of beer has become so much more than just drinking the liquid inside. Like most craft beer brands, we too see our can as a canvas; we’re just opting for a different drink inside that happens to be non-alcoholic.”

    Some see kombucha (also known as booch) as a fitting alternative-to-alcohol drink due to the complex flavours derived from the tea and other ingredients during fermentation. Counter Culture’s first range of drinks include Rhubarb and Hibiscus, Lemongrass and Ginger, and Grapefruit and Hops. “Our aim was to create a range that was loud in flavour without being overly sweet or tart,” explains lead brewer Sam Craton. “We will continue to innovate in the fermentary and have plenty more flavour ideas we’re currently testing.”

    Counter Culture donate 5% of all sales to charity, are certified carbon-neutral, and were awarded B-Corp pending status at the end of 2022. “Like so many other businesses we too are purpose driven for the meaning it nurtures in our work. We look forward to working with charities we care about and working towards full B-Corp certification in 2023.”

    Counter Culture are based at On Point Brewery near East Street in Bedminster. Their drinks are available in can or on draft at On Point’s taproom, whilst also currently rolling out to pubs, bars and taprooms across Bristol.

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    About Counter Culture

    Counter Culture is an alcohol-free drinks company based in Bedminster, Bristol. Their range of sparkling light kombucha are vegan, gluten-free, low in calories and use only organic teas. Their aim is to help bridge the divide between alcoholic and soft, with drinks that are loud in flavour and cheeky in character, while also promoting the benefits of mindful drinking and sober curiosity.

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