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Hit Reset // Grapefruit + Hops Kombucha

A refreshing smack of fruity grapefruit with floral notes of aromatic hops on the finish. 

An alcohol alternative drink with the perfect balance between sweetness and sharpness. Best enjoyed sat on a space hopper on a trampoline on top of a bouncy castle.  Or just anywhere else where you need a bit of excitement in your life. 

Consciously balanced to be lighter in acidity than a typical booch, our kombucha drinks are brewed in Bristol with organic green tea and organic raw cane sugar.

  • Low calories
  • All natural
  • Organic teas
  • Non-alcoholic
  • Vegan
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Filtered Water, Kombucha Culture (Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Green Tea, Organic Lemongrass), Organic Cane Sugar, Grapefruit Concentrate 2%, Hop Extracts, Natural Flavourings.

Nutritional Information

Energy 67kJ/16kcal, Fat 0g (of which saturates 0g), Carbohydrate 3.9g (of which sugars 3.8g), Protein 0g, Salt <0.1g.

Product Information

Sparkling canned kombucha UK brewed in Bristol. All of our kombucha drinks are made with organic teas and organic cane sugar. Buy kombucha in 330ml cans.

Low Calories, Organic Teas, Loud Flavours

  • Non-alcoholic

  • Gluten free

  • Carbon Neutral

  • Vegan

  • Natural Ingredients


For our Sparkling Light Kombucha, each brew goes through two cool stages:

First up, we whip up an organic kombucha starter with raw cane sugar, organic green tea, organic lemongrass, and the funky SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast).

Then, we mix in other infusions, fruits, sugar, and flavours, before cooling and adding bubbles.

One of the by-products of kombucha fermentation is acetic acid, being what we commonly refer to as vinegar. The level of vinegary taste in kombucha varies depending on how it's made.

Our Sparkling Light Kombucha is made for those who aren't fans of uber-vinegary flavours. We achieve this by using less kombucha starter compared to other brands.

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Our Sparkling Light Kombucha is at its best when chilled. If you've got room in your fridge, we'd suggest keeping it there to preserve those organic acids and flavours. But hey, if you need to store it at room temperature for a bit, that's totally cool too.

Our Sparkling Light Kombucha does have a tiny bit of alcohol, but we're talking really small—like, less than 0.1% ABV small, which is why it's categorised as non-alcoholic.

The little alcohol that's in there is a natural part of the fermentation process, kind of like the fizz in your sourdough starter. So, no worries, you're not going to get a buzz from your booch, but if you need to avoid alcohol completely, keep an eye on the labels.

Find out more in this blog post.

Because our kombucha starter is made with green tea, it packs a little bit of caffeine. But since only a relatively small amount or starter is found in our Sparkling Light Kombucha, there are only trace amounts of caffeine too.

No way! We think sweeteners suck, both with their taste and especially when they aren't natural. While sugar should be obviously be consumed in moderation, we'd rather stick with a high quality organic ingredient as it's the best tasting and most natural.

Each Sparkling Light Kombucha contains around 3.5-3.8% sugar, which is about average for a kombucha, but more than 60% less than a regular coke!